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Take Two (also called Speed Scrabble[1], or the commercial variant Bananagrams) is a fast-paced, non-turn-based Scrabble variant played without a board. Tiles are placed face-down in the middle of the table in a communal pool and each player is given a small number of face-up starting tiles (5 is typical). From their starting tiles, each player tries to build his own valid Scrabble grid—players do not use each other's grid or tiles. When a player successfully uses all of her face-up tiles, he shouts "take two", and every player takes two more tiles. Play continues until there are no more tiles left to draw. The person who creates the first complete grid when all the tiles run out is the winner.

Local variants include the banning of 2 letter words;


See also Generic House Rules.

Commercial variant Year Initial draw Redraw # Tiles Notes
Bananagrams 2006 1 144 Allows tile exchange (1 for 3)
Double Quick 1999 2 88 Draw every 30 seconds, rather than when tiles run out; score according to points written on tiles
Pick Two 1993 8 2 240
Syzygy 1997 1 > 300 Winner is the person with the fewest unused tiles
Take Two 1996 10 2 150 German tile distribution; despite the name, the rules are fairly different from those on this page
Word-Sport 100 Multiple crosswords can be built

Different takesEdit

Taking a different number of tiles (one or four, for example).


Some variants allow for the exchange of unwanted tiles.


A calculation based on word length is used to determine the winner.

Variations on this may include a bonus of 50 points for building the word "chicken", a bonus for longest word (number of letters in word, not tile values; and only if a single player has longest word), etc.[2][3]


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